Syrian Coalition: Establishing a Transitional Governing Body is Gateway to Eradicating Extremism

Vice-President of the Syrian Coalition Hisham Marwa said that “eradicating extremism in Syria can only be achieved through the formation of a transitional governing body on the basis of the Geneva I Communique and the relevant UN resolutions to lead Syria to a new phase where Syrians’ aspirations for freedom, dignity and justice are achieved.

“The ineffectiveness of the international community’s strategy in fighting extremism proves beyond doubt that the formation of the transitional governing body with full powers is crucial to thwart Assad’s schemes aimed at keeping his hold on power and to put an end to his systematic terrorizing of the Syrian people. Over 70 civilians were killed in the last two days alone by barrel bombing of rebel-held areas in Idlib, Homs and other areas,” Marwa added.

“Assad’s arranging to hand over new areas to ISIS to withdraw troops and fortify his remaining key security centers confirms the Syrian Coalition’s warnings about the presence of high level coordination between the Assad regime and ISIS. However, these warnings were surprisingly and largely ignored by the international coalition, raising many doubts about the effectiveness of its strategy in fighting this extremist organization. These plans coincide with the Assad regime’s escalation of air strikes on rebel-held areas to pave the way for ISIS’s offensive on these areas.”

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 08.06.2015)

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