Turkey reiterates support for Palestine

Turkey is a main supporter of the Palestinians and is an outspoken on their suffering

Turkey continues to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their fight for freedom, Turkey's deputy prime minister has said.

In a commando mission in 2010, the Israeli occupation attacked a flotilla of Turkish ships were heading to break the strict Israeli siege on Gaza. Nine Turks were killed.

Anadolu, Ankara –Turkey continues to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their fight for freedom, Turkey’s deputy prime minister has said.

Attending a summit titled “Jerusalem the City of Peace” in Ankara, Bulent Arinc said: “Jerusalem is the capital of all humanity.”

Calling on the international community to do its part, Arinc said that peace efforts should be revived on the basis of a two-state solution to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The so-called “two-state solution” proposes the creation of an independent Palestinian state within pre-1967 borders living alongside an Israeli state.

Israelis occupied East Jerusalem in 1967. It later annexed the historic city of Jerusalem in 1980, claiming it as the capital of the self-proclaimed Jewish state in a move that has never been recognised by the international community, but no counter measures have been taken yet.

The Israeli occupation has been waging an aggressive campaign to “Judaise” the city with the aim of effacing its Arab and Islamic identity and ultimately driving out its Palestinian inhabitants.

“Palestinians are in their homeland but they are all deprived of all their fundamental rights and freedoms. This is not acceptable,” said Arinc, adding that it has to be resolved in a “fair and sustainable manner.”

Arinc said Turkey will continue with both its humanitarian and development aid to Palestine.

“Our development aid to Palestine was $301 million between 2004 and 2014. Since July 2014 our humanitarian aid to the region has exceeded $20 million,” said Arinc.

(Source / 22.03.2015)

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