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Gaza under attack 05.04.2014

Explosion heard in Khan Younis, S. Gaza Strip. Believed to be an Israeli occupation airstrike

@OccPalGaza: Another explosion in the distance- Gaza Seaport

I just heard another large explosion northeast of the Gaza seaport. Warplanes are flying far overhead

@PalestineVideo: Reports fire has spread in area targeted by Israeli airstrike in Beit Hanoun, n. Gaza Strip”

#breaking: massive explosions in #Gaza now

Electricity is down to the north of #Gaza because of Israeli huge attacks there #GazaUnderAttack

@PalestineVideo: reports of injuries in latest israeli airstrike on Beit Hanoun, Northern Gaza Strip. via @ahqpress

Gods chosen sicopaths are booming a caged in population with no place to run in gaza

Facebook users from all over Gaza are talking about current explosions

First #Israeli strikes of the night. North of #Gaza shaken by at least 2 airstrikes. Israeli jets hovering. #GazaUnderAttack

#BREAKINGNEWS#Israel is again attacking besieged #GazaStrip from the air

The Israeli jets are hovering over the western areas of the Gaza city and ready to attack …..stay safe Gaza

#WORLDNEWS#Israel is again attacking besieged #Gaza from the air

A nother explosion now in nothern #Gaza strip

Electricity blacks out in Northern Gaza after an Israeli air strike via @5br3ajel #Gaza #Palestine

@OccPalGaza: Hamas evacuating their posts …..I hope this is not going to be another long night in Gaza

@daliaZLababidi: An empty land has been targeted by F16s in the north of #Gaza. No casualties #gazaunderattack

“National News Agency: Israeli jets targeted empty farmland behind Sheikh Zayed city in northern Gaza”

Their sick war planes still hovering in the sky of #Gaza

Urgent | The situation in the Gaza Strip now 1 – Zionist warplanes bombed an empty land behind Sheikh Zayed City in the northern Gaza Strip

An Israeli military warplance has just targeted a place to the north of #Gaza#Israel loves waking up children & women from their sleeping!

Well now i hear it . A new explosion #Gaza

Intimidation of civilians and children sleeping is the policy of Israel


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