Syrian Coalition: Formation Of A Transitional Governing Body Is The Sole Guarantor Of The Implementation Of All Geneva I Terms

Louay Safi, spokesman for the Syrian Coalition, said that the regime’s evasion of discussion of the transition process is an attempt to disavow all terms of Geneva I as the forming of a transitional ruling body is the sole guarantor for the application of all of the terms agreed upon by the international community.” Safi also stresses that the Assad regime is trying to buy time at the expense of the blood of Syrian people,” adding that the regime’s delegation is following Assad’s rule, which is: Go on with lies until they believe you.” Faisal al-Miqdad, the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Assad regime, said that “the Syrian crisis cannot be solved at Geneva II, just as it could not be solved at Geneva I.” Safi also condemned the regime’s delegation statement which accused the Syrian people of nourishing terrorism and of being a partner of ISIS. Moreover, Safi criticized the regime’s ignoring of sectarian like the terrorists militias of Hezbollah and Abu Fadl Al Abbas and the other militias, and said that this is typical of a criminal regime that believes only in a military solution and does not seriously seek any political solution. Safi cited a report published by Human Rights Watch today as an example of the regime’s lies and pretense. The 38-page report confirms that the Assad regime has been deliberately and systematically razing homes, buildings and entire rebel-held neighborhoods to the ground with bulldozers and explosives in Hama and Damascus between the years 2012 and 2013.  Safi described the claims of the Assad regime that it protects minorities in Syria as “unrealistic as was revealed by the systematic killing of civilians in areas with Turkmen minority, namely in Mitras and Baida in Tartus province. Furthermore, Safi concluded that “everyone should know that there are not any minorities in Syria, and this terms was forged by the Assad regime and used it as a political scarecrow to protect his dictatorship.” The Syrian Coalition said in a statement released that “in light of yet more evidence the Damascus regime is enacting a policy of intentionally targeting civilians, the Syrian Coalition reiterates its call to try those responsible in front of the international criminal court.” The statement also said that “the ongoing litany of abuse demonstrates very clearly why the Assad regime must step aside and allow the emergence of a free Syria. The desperate attempts of a four-decade old regime to cling to power are the root cause of the violence engulfing the country.
(Source: Syrian Coalition / 30.01.2014)

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