The Gaza report

The Gaza report

Gaza’s Forgotten Little Angels is a detailed account of the Media Review Networks Aayesha J Soni’s experience through Gaza. In it she explains that before leaving for Gaza she was well aware of the statistics in the region which has been under siege since 2007, yet still made her way to the war torn country for a first-hand experience of the devastation which affects so many. Fifty-four percent of households face food insecurity with 38 percent of the population living below the poverty line. Unemployment is at 45.2 percent, with only 40.3 percent of working-age Gazans in the labour force. Youth unemployment is more than 47 percent.

In a recent interview on VOC’s Drivetime, Soni said, “The statistics released is alarming and once we read about it we had an idea of what was happening in Gaza but when we actually got there and saw it all for ourselves, we realised the large numbers and the statistics does not do it justice. When you see Gaza and see how Gazans are living you realise that these people are living under siege from Israel and Egypt. Each household in Gaza are given 6 hours of electricity a day and when we arrived it was completely dark, no electricity.  It just shows how this war is affecting every aspect of Gazans lives.”

It has been recently reported that during an open heart operation, doctors in Gaza had to endure 6 hours of power cuts. According to Soni, after her communication with individuals in the medical field, practicing in Gaza, she was told that such power cuts are experienced regularly, regardless of the nature of the operation. “The most amazing thing is that so many operations are successful, even under the circumstances,” Soni added.

“Everything is given in small quantities and the people of Gaza have to, each day, do what they can to survive and I think that was a very big reality for all of us to witness in Gaza.” Soni further added that through her findings she has conclude that some 12 member families usually live under one roof and live in complete darkness at times. Yet the people of Gaza persevere.

It is currently the middle of winter in the Gaza strip, people are still in need of basic essentials to get through the day. Soni was a member of the MRN delegation who recently visited Gaza for a deeper look at what the living conditions are like for thousands of Gazans. During our stay the people of Gaza were so hospitable and regardless of their struggles show an unrelentless determination along hope which is really something the world can learn from them.

(Source / 14.01.2014)

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