Jarba re-elected as President, Jamous re-elected as Secretary General

Anas Abda, political committee member, said that the General Assembly meeting “will discuss expanding the political committee to 23 members, from 19 members today. The expansion aims for better representation of all components of the Coalition in the Political Committee.” The General Assembly will also elect new members of the political committee. Abda also states that “the vote on going to Geneva II and discussion the interim government plan are postponed until tomorrow.” Abda states that extending the presidential term from six months to a year is not among the topics discussed during the meeting. The General Assembly re-elected Ahmed Jarba as president of the Syrian Coalition, while Abdul Hakim Bashar, Faruk Tayfur, and Nora al Amir were elected as vice presidents. Badr Aldin Jamous was reelected as secretary general of the Syrian Coalition and all of them were elected for a period of six months. Ahmad Jarba stressed that he is seeking to protect and respect the values ​​and principles of the Syrian Revolution, and his keenness to achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people to live with freedom, justice, dignity and equality. Jarba also stresses that the Syrian Coalition, as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people, will not waive a single demand advocated by the Syrian Revolution.
(Source: Syrian Coalition / 03.01.2014)

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