Maleh: ISIS is a mine planted by Assad

Haitham al-Maleh, Legal Committee Chair believes Bashar Assad should be held accountable not only for killing Syrians, but for “creating extremist cells in the region to have an influence over the opinions of western countries, putting them before two options; terrorism of extremists or the terrorism of Bashar Assad, in an attempt to overshadow the real popular revolution erupted to overthrow him”. “ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham) is a mine planted by the Assad regime in the revolution body, to warn the international community of approaching or interfering in Syrian issues” al-Maleh reiterated in a statement. “ISIS is a shell without a core, hiding inside the cloak of Islam to influence public opinion” he added. Al-Maleh described ISIS as “a hot-air balloon by which the regime tries to diverge the Syrian revolution away from its principles, including the overthrow of the regime and holding it accountable as its first and foremost goals. Since ISIS is a mine implanted by Assad, over throwing Assad leads to dismantling ISIS, but dismantling ISIS doesn’t lead to over throwing Assad. Therefore, the revolution should not diverge from its main goal, i.e. overthrowing Assad.” “We shall not forget that the Assad regime is organically connected with al-Qaeda” al-Maleh continued, “and it was the one that supervised transporting its members from Iraq to Naher al-Bared in Lebanon, for realizing specific political goals at the cost of civilian souls”. As a conclusion al-Maleh wondered “how possible it is to find coordination between the regime and ISIS concerning the killing Dr. Hussein Sulaiman, as a media cover up over the crime of Assad regime against the British physician Abbas Khan”. The Syrian Coalition reiterated, in the same context, in a statement that the relationship between ISIS and the regime is “an organic relationship through which ISIS realizes the goals of Assad’s gang”. The statement reiterates that “shedding the blood of Syrians at the hands of ISIS, permanently removes any doubts about ISIS’s nature, the reasons of its formation, the goals it seeks and the agendas it serves. This affirms the nature of its terrorist acts against the Syrian revolution.” It is noteworthy that the political tone of the Syrian Coalition has risen against ISIS after Hussein Sulaiman (Abu Rayan) was killed by ISIS after being detained in their prisons for 20 days where he underwent “severe torture.” The Syrian Coalition offered its condolences to the family of the fallen hero committing to “hold ISIS leaders accountable” and calling “for all fighters who joined ISIS thinking that it fights for the interest of the revolution to immediately defect and repudiate its acts that goes against the nature of Syrians”. The statement didn’t pardon the simple minded fighting under ISIS, considering “ignorance of ISIS agenda and plans doesn’t give excuse to anyone to stay with it or swear allegiance to it.”
(Source: Syrian Coalition / 02.01.2014)

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