Israel-Palestine talks in big dilemma: Soheil al-Natour

Press TV has conducted an interview with Soheil al-Natour, the Palestinian writer and journalist, about a panel of Israeli cabinet ministers approving new legislation to annex the Jordan Valley region of the occupied West Bank.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.
Press TV: How should we see these apparent mix messages coming out of Israel, from the Israelis I mean, in the sense of you know they are releasing Palestinian prisoners but at the same time they are also annexing Palestinian lands and increasing settlement construction?

Al-Natour: Well I think it is widely known these days that every time there is a promise of visit from the American Foreign Minister Mr. Kerry, the negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israelis are in a very big dilemma because Israel is playing some kind of giving the illusion that the actual Prime Minister and his minister of talks, Tzipi Livni are fighting against the other extremists in the cabinet in order to say that this is a hard work, you Palestinians, you have to give us something in order to convince the harsh extremist to accept the continuity of the negotiations and to reach the illusionary peace.

I think this is some of the comedy which is dragging since a long time, since the beginning of this round of negotiations. The cabinet is known that every time they want something, they made a pre-condition that every part of the release of the prisoners of the Palestinians which they had to release them before a long time, they make it on installment and they never installment, they are trying to convince that the Palestinians are paying by acceptance of settler colonization of their land in Jerusalem and in West Bank which is false.

I think the continuity of the negotiations in this spirit will be very disastrous to the Palestinian cause. I do not accept when they say that this is the condition and that will jeopardize all the Palestinian efforts to reach peace. It is not the way to reach peace. This is a way and a comedy to exert more pressure on the Palestinians side to give more concessions or their inalienable rights in independence, in their reaches in the water, in the land and in the sovereignty and in the right of return for refugees.

Press TV: So what is your opinion on this peace talks to begin with considering the Palestinian Authority seems to be quite weak in the face of all these Israeli actions?

Al-Natour: Well I think that the Palestinian Authority is in a very big dilemma. They told the Palestinians that they are going to the negotiations because the pressures of the Americans and they do not want to present themselves that they are against the peace and they are the reason not to reach the peace.

Now the Israelis are doing everything to pressurize on the Palestinians in order to get the pretext that the Palestinians, they do not want to continue the negotiations, they do not want to give any reason to continue the peace and in this I think the Palestinians are very weak and the way the authorities [are] continuing the peace, on one hand they did not reach the Palestinian national unity again and they are not doing anything positively to prepare for a new round of talks on the Palestinians filter again the unity.

Second, they are not applying anything of what they promised of the civil resistance and the peaceful resistance in order to convince the people that we are working for our rights but we are not conceding for the Israelis if they want in a moment to reach the acceptance of Judaization of Palestine.

The third, also the Palestinian side is also not coordinating between the organizations themselves inside PLO. What we see that the executive committee say no to this process of negotiation. In spite of this, the line adopted by the leadership of Mr. Abu Mazen is still continuing on only talking and only negotiating by this peace.

And that is why one of the reasons that they are keeping everything silent behind the curtains and the Palestinians leaders, cadres and the broad masses, they do not know exactly what is going on in the content of the negotiations.

So it is not an acceptable way that the Palestinians, they do not know their future how it is drawn and no one has any right to give any concession or their inalienable rights.

(Source / 31.12.2013)

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