Free Gaza Australia Delivers Petition to Consul General of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Sydney

Gaza's Ark

Today at 11.30am, representatives from Free Gaza Australia have organised to meet with the Consul General of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Sydney who will receive a petition* of more than 11,000 names and addresses.

“The petition calls on Egypt’s interim government to:

  • Re-open the Rafah crossing to travellers going in and out of Gaza, with reasonable security checks and no artificial limits
  • Halt the destruction of the tunnels until Egypt has opened the Rafah crossing to commercial traffic, including fuel and construction materials
  • Work to open Gaza‘s borders with both Egypt and Israel on a permanent basis, as well as to allow Palestinians to travel and trade via air and sea – thus ending the blockade and allowing the residents to build a normal economy.”

Free Gaza Australia will be joined by representatives from several Palestinian support organisations and Egyptian nationals and other individuals. James Godfrey of Free Gaza Australia said, “this is an opportunity to reiterate the urgency of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and how important it is for Egypt to stop destroying tunnels, and to maximise Palestinian use of the Rafah crossing to help alleviate the suffering in Gaza. This is even more urgent given the recent flooding, after heavy rain and Israeli controlled dams being opened.”

Whilst the overall blame for the blockade of Gaza rests predominantly with Israel and its international supporters, like the current Australian Government, Egypt with a population which overwhelmingly supports the Palestinian people’s rights to justice and peace has a vital role to play in bettering the humanitarian situation for Palestinians in Gaza.

(Source / 19.12.2013)

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