German intelligence: Syria jets stationed in Iran for safekeeping

According to German intelligence the Iranian regime has allowed its ally in Damascus to station its Air Force jets on its territory so they will be safe from possible foreign attack.
Daily Star Lebanon carries a report which states that the German intelligence has cited a source which claimed that Iran had agreed to a deal with Damascus in November of 2012 to allow their ally Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “to station large parts of his air force on safe Iranian territory and to use them when needed.”

Ynet News also carries this corroborating report from AFP which makes this claim.

The Iranian regime is a close ally of the Syrian regime and has provided it with financial support throughout this two year uprising. Iran’s proxy in the region, the Hezbollah in Lebanon, has openly intervened and sent its forces into the war to fight on the side of Assad on the battlefield. This German intelligence report hints that Iran-Syrian cooperation may even be closer than previously thought.

Parking Syrian jets on Iranian soil would obviously serve to safeguard them from any attack on Syria. The United States threatened to intervene militarily in the Syrian conflict following the August 21 chemical attack in Damascus which killed an estimated 1,400 people. However it did not carry out an intervention and instead stood down and allowed the formation of a Russian-brokered United Nations Security Council resolution that is seeing to the international community, under the legal framework of that unanimously approved Resolution, beginning the complete dismantlement of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal.

In a recent interview Mr. Assad also claimed that his regime has “not used chemical weapons. This is wrong. And so is the picture you’re drawing of me of someone who kills his own people.”

So far the Syrian conflict has been raging on for at least 30 months and has left an estimated 100,000 dead in its wake.

(Source /  06.10.2013)

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