Egypt’s new misshapen constitution


The scandalously deformed document, or “constitution”, being prepared in Egypt by army-picked “experts” these days should have less dignity than does a toilet paper.
This is why, the vast majority of the Egyptian people are going to reject it and shove it into the dustbin of history where it belongs.

But this will depend to a large extent on the extent to which a free vote is allowed by the bloody coup-makers, which would enable the Egyptian masses to hurl this ludicrous document where it belongs.

But prospects for a free and fair vote, e.g. a real referendum, are already fraught with fears and suspicions. In the final analysis, a junta that murdered thousands of peaceful protesters, burned people alive and incinerated corpses in order to conceal or destroy murder evidence, cannot really be trusted to allow for the organization of free and fair elections.

The junta raped the collective will of the Egyptian people in order to decapitate democracy, not revive it. Indeed, it would be utterly naïve to think otherwise.

The misshapen “constitution” is being written by conspicuously anti-Islam elements, including free masons, extremist communists, fanatical atheists, promiscuous-minded libertarians and all sorts of arch enemies of Islam.

Interestingly, these people, representing a cacophony of ideas and ideologies, have two main things in common: First, they are not elected by the people of Egypt but rater picked by the military junta, headed by the mass murderer Abdul Fattah Sisi, and, second, they are ultra-secular with a vengeance toward Islam or anything Islamist. These bigots would claim rather mendaciously that they are only against political Islam, not Islam itself, as if Political Islam emanated from the Shinto religion, not from Islam.

Interestingly, many of these figures, who are affiliated with the Mubarak regime, ran for parliamentary and other elections held in Egypt since the 25 January, 2011- revolution, but failed. They were utterly ejected and rejected by the people.

As to the people who did get elected by the people and won their trust, not only have they been excluded from taking part in preparing the new constitution. Indeed, many of these true representatives of the people are now languishing in jail in terrible conditions. They are charged with terrorism by the fascist junta. There are credible reports indicating that they are being severely tortured and abused mainly in reprisal for rising up against the Mubarak regime.

So, this is how the surrealistic situation in Egypt looks like: The elected president is in jail, held incommunicado in an unknown place, along with all his aides and advisors, whereas the tyrant Mubarak, who destroyed, ruined, corrupted and bankrupted Egypt for more than thirty years, is a free man.

And the legitimate constitution, voted on by two thirds of the Egyptian people, is discarded and cancelled while an utterly undemocratic and unrepresentative “constitution” is being imposed on the people of Egypt by an ignorant military junta and some other fanatical ignoramuses who can hardly recite a verse of the holy Quran or read a grammatically correct Arabic phrase.

According to official statistics, Muslims (Sunnis) constitute more than 94% of the population of Egypt. Yet, the new constitution place them on equal footing with the followers of other non-monotheistic religions and cults, even if the followers of these cults and earthly religions happen to have no followers in Egypt.

Don’t get me wrong. I am an ardent advocate of freedom of thought. In the final analysis, each and every human being should be able to practice his or her convictions without suppression or coercion. This is an outstanding and timeless principle in Islam. “Lakum Deinukum wa leya Din” (to you is your religion, and to me mine.”

But upholding the Law of Sharia is a fundamental part of the Muslim religious belief and Muslims are being denied that right in a country where Muslims make nearly 95% of the population.

This is unfair and unacceptable especially when the rights and liberties of non-Muslims are left unscathed.

In light, one is really prompted to ask the following question: Why is it that Christian Copts are given full rights to practice their faith while Muslims, who constitute the overwhelming majority of the population, are denied that right by an unelected and unrepresentative body.  This is no less than an act of rape.

(Source / 18.09.2013)

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