Document: WZO allocated Palestinian land to settlers in Jordan Valley

NAZARETH, (PIC)– An internal Israeli Civil Administration document revealed that the World Zionist Organization has allocated to Jewish settlers in the Jordan Valley more than 5,000 dunums of private Palestinian land.

Hebrew daily Haaretz said on Monday that the land is located east of the border fence, namely, between that fence and the actual border with Jordan.

It said, “This area between the border fence and the actual border — the Jordan River — is a closed military zone that in some places is two kilometers wide. A military order prevents the Palestinian owners from accessing their lands in this area. On the other hand, Jewish settlers are allowed to farm the lands.”

In January, Haaretz reported that under the aegis of this order, the WZO had allocated to settlers in the Jordan Valley over 5,000 dunums of private Palestinian lands.

The documents that have come into the possession of Haaretz indicate that following the June 1967 War and after the border fence was completed, Palestinians continued to farm their lands located close to the border.

In 1979, the WZO’s Settlement Division submitted a request for the cultivation of these lands “in light of the shortage of farmland in the Jordan Valley, a shortage that is preventing the expansion of existing communities and the establishment of new ones.”

The Civil Administration subsequently signed three agreements with the WZO, allocating to the latter organization some 29,000 dunums for farming purposes. An examination conducted by the Civil Administration shows that a total of 8,565 dunums are cultivated beyond the border fence.

(Facebook / 09.09.2013)

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