Sawalma: Prisoners’ release is a legitimate right, not a precondition for talks


NABLUS, (PIC)– The leader in Hamas movement Ghanem Sawalma, who was released Sunday after serving two years in administrative detention, stated that the prisoners suffer very difficult detention conditions in Israeli jails amid international and local silence.

The 47-year-old stated that the prisoners demand their issue to be highlighted and popular support for their plight to be activated.

Concerning the resumption of the twenty-year old “peace process”, the liberated prisoner said that the prisoners’ issue should not be used as an excuse to re-start negotiations at the expense of the Palestinian fateful issues particularly the right of return.

He called on the PA to work for the release of all prisoners especially the old and patient captives as a legitimate right and not a precondition for negotiations.

Meanwhile, Palestine center for prisoners’ studies considered the Israeli news concerning the release of a small number of old prisoners as per Palestinian condition to restart negotiations as a manipulation of the feelings of prisoners’ families.

The center pointed out that the sole source for this news is the Israeli media that have published different Israeli official statements aiming to create a state of tension among the prisoners and their families to pressure the Palestinian party for more concessions.

Some Israeli officials stated that only limited number of prisoners will be released, while others declared that only elderly prisoners will be liberated. For its part, Walla Israeli website stated that 80 prisoners most of them imprisoned prior to the Oslo accord will be released, the center noted.

The Palestinian human rights center called on PA to guard against Israeli lies and manipulations, pointing out to the previous failed negotiation.

(Source / 22.07.2013)

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