Sireen Khudiri Sawafteh released from occupation prisons


sirene-khudairiPalestinian teacher and activist Sireen Khudiri Sawafteh, 25, was released from Israeli occupation prisons on Monday, July 15, 2013, following two months’ imprisonment. She was released with a fine of 7000 NIS that is also serving as bail, but is prohibited from accessing the internet or leaving her home until another court hearing in her case on July 19.

She was arrested on May 15 as she returned to her home city of Tubas from university. She was held in Jalame detention centre for interrogation for 22 days before transfer first to Ashkelon and then to Hasharon prison with her fellow women political prisoners.

She said, following her release, that those who work on the prisoners’ cause should focus on Hasharon prison, as conditions are very bad, and medical neglect and mistreatment is common. She also urged support for Tahrir Mansour at her court hearing on August 28.

Facebook page for Sireen Khudiri Sawafteh campaign

(Source / 17.07.2013)

One thought on “Sireen Khudiri Sawafteh released from occupation prisons

  1. I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to say that it is good that Sireen Khudiri Sawafteh is released from prison.She shouldn’t have been in prison to begin with.This woman should be completely free.There should be no house arrest and complete freedom on the Internet.Shame on the apartheid israeli gov. for arresting this woman.

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