Samer Issawi; The Story of Jerusalem


The first moments @Samer’s house after the news about his victory 

Unbelievable moments. I felt speechless. More than 24 hours of losing the ability of writing down a paragraph or two to express how happy and jubilant I was. Time used to be a quite terrible the last eight months. Yet, it can be changed at any time.

“It has been for more than 277 day since Samer Issawi, a Palestinian prisoner held by Israel, has agreed to end his continuous hunger strike in exchange for an early release in December 23rd”, said by his lawyer, Jawad Bolous.

In April 22nd, Samer has seen his family twice. I just do love this day and all its corners. Samer’s triumph taught us how we should be ready for any sacrifice as we are hungry for nothing more than freedom even if it costs us our lives. He is a symbol of liberty, love, life, hope, and Palestine. Samer has not ever surrendered striving for his goal of freedom and this is why his dream has come true.

The accord with Samer is on his own terms. “He will spend an additional 8 months to end all his military court charges without any other legal actions against him regarding his former case and he is going to be released un-conditionally.” His Lawyers added “We got the “agree” from the Israeli Military court and from Samer. As Samer accepts this, he has resumed his supplements as of “midnight April 22nd. He has also ended his strike by April 23rd afternoon.

According to the lawyer, “Issawi sends thanks for every single person and organization that has stood by his side and supported his fight for freedom. He has insisted all along that he would not agree to be exiled, like other released prisoners had Going back to Samer’s case in Israeli jails, he has spent 10 years in jails.

Israel freed Samer in 2011 along with more than 1,000 Palestinian detainees in exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in October 18th, 2011. He was re-arrested last July after Israel said that he violated the conditions of his release by crossing from his native East Jerusalem to the West Bank, both majority-Palestinian areas, and ordered him to stay in jail until 2029 – his original sentence.

It is important to mention that “Israel holds some 4,800 Palestinians in its dirty dark small cells and 207 Palestinian detainees have died in Israeli jails since 1948.” Palestinian officials said. After Samer’s freedom, the Palestinians will continue to be committed to the cause of all political prisoners which is fundamental to the fairness of Palestine and the return of our refugees.

(Source / 26.04.2013)

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