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Ethnic Cleansing goes full speed: Israel serves 120 demolition notices in Al-Khalil in two weeks

images_News_2013_02_06_installations_300_0[1]AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) served 120 demolition notices in Al-Khalil over the past two weeks, a Palestinian human rights activist said on Wednesday.

Amin Al-Bayed, a researcher at Insan center for human rights, said that the IOA served notices for the demolition of 120 buildings, water wells, and agricultural rooms and tents in various areas in Al-Khalil district.

He said that the notices were particularly focusing on the southern areas of Al-Khalil to the east of Yatta town and Beit Ola.

The researcher told Quds Press that the IOA and its civil administration in most cases throw the demolition notices near to the targeted installation so that the owners would not notice it until it was too late to go to court and challenge the decision.

Bayed said that many farmers found the notices by coincidence and on many occasions they go to court and find that their period for contesting the decision had expired.

(occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com / 07.02.2013)


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