Report: Arab/European elements helped Israeli intelligence kidnap a Palestinian in Ukraine

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Palestine, (Pal Telegraph) – UFree Network to defend the rights of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails scrutinized the new information released by prisoner Dirar Abu Sisi for Al-Damir Association for Human Rights. According to his statement, Arab and European parties tracked him while in Egypt, Jordan and Ukraine in addition to contributing to his kidnapping then sending him to Israel. Al-Damir Association for Human Rights revealed on Thursday 27th December 2012, some details about the kidnapping operation that targeted him in Ukraine carried out by elements of the Israeli intelligence service (Mossad) in February 2011.
Al Damir’s lawyer, Mohammad Al Abid, met Abu Sisi in Israeli prison of Ashkelon on Wednesday 26th December 2012. Within the interview, Abu Sisi revealed exclusive information and details for the first time.

“Few days before I was kidnapped, I decided to travel with my wife and children to Ukraine so I can apply for a resident permit there as my wife, Noor, holds the Ukrainian citizenship. We packed our luggage and travelled after making sure we have all documents for citizenship process. In the meantime, I decided to go to Jordan via Egypt prior leaving to Ukraine thus I can meet my dad to check on his health.” Stated Abu Sisi
Abu Sisi added that once he left Gaza to Egypt and shortly after entering Egyptian territories, he felt restless and worried as some people monitored his movement until he arrived to Cairo Airport. Dirar suggested that those elements might belong to Egyptian intelligence.

His statements continued, “I travelled from Egypt to Jordan where I was received by Jordanian intelligence who investigated my identity and jailed me directly. They blindfolded and led me to a detention centre where they interrogated me constantly for14 hours. They kept me in the detention and banned me from travelling to Ukraine for 5 days. Within these 5 days, they would leave me sleep with my family after spending the whole day at the detention. On the fifth day I was told that I will be deported to Ukraine not Gaza which was accepted for me.”

Abu Sisi continued to narrate and spoke of his kidnapping in Ukraine, “I travelled by train to Kharkov where I applied for the resident permit. Then I asked my wife and children to return to Jordan then Gaza which happened later on. Then, my brother who lives in the Netherlands phoned me where I asked to meet him in Kiev. In a Friday night I participated in a religious ceremony to celebrate the birth of prophet Muhammad, an event organized by the Muslim community in one of Kharkov city. The event ended and I took the train to Kiev to meet my brother as arranged. While in the train, three men in Ukrainian police uniform came to me, checked my identity and asked me to get off at the next stop to make sure that I legally entered the country. Then, they confiscated all my belongings and put me in a special chamber inside the train escorted by a policeman until I arrived to Poltava city. On the way, I told them that what they were doing is illegal and that I did not commit any fault, yet they mocked me and laugh.”

As Abu Sisi arrived in Poltava, tens of policemen were awaiting him. They hit and banged him in all his body which left some injuries in his knees.

“Then they blindfolded my eyes, tied my feet and hands before they violently throw me in a car accompanied by two policemen. The journey lasted for more than 5 hours. After that, they took me out of the car to a house where they stripped searched me fully. I was then interrogated and intimidated for 6 hours by 5 people who presented themselves as Israeli Mossad. Then they blindfolded me again and took me away in another small van. This journey took few hours where later I heard the sound of airplanes which made me realise it was an airport. Then, I was put in a very small place in an airplane. I was not able to sit, stand or move but remained in squat position for 5 hours with my hands and legs cuffed. Afterward I felt suffocated then fainted. Later, the airplane landed and they put me in a room in the airport before I was taken by a car to an Israeli jail. I was then told that I’m imprisoned by Israeli Mossad in Bitah Tikva detention. From that moment, a harsh stage of suffering, intimidation, torture and bullying started.” Added Abu sisi

UFree Network has announced earlier that it possesses some top secret information which prove the involvement of some security services of a number of countries in the kidnapping of Abu Sisi. Upon, the released information by Abu Sisi, UFree reckons that it is a must  for Court Systems in the countries he mentioned to investigate what he exposed. It further calls for investigating these security services and their officials as they are responsible for what happened to Abu Sisi.

UFree Network calls on Human Rights organizations to immediately interfere and release Abu Sisi who is illegally jailed and exposed to torture and suffering. It also calls them to open an investigation on the information declared by Abu Sisi.
It is worth mentioning that UFree also calls on people to sign the International petition against solitary confinement and arbitrary detention practiced against Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

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