Palestinian President Receives Call from Alistair Bert


Ramallah, Dec. 21 (BNA)— Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas received today a telephone call from British Foreign Office Minister Alistair Bert who reiterated his country’s support to the Palestinian people and their leadership after the international resolution to elevate Palestine’s status to a Non-Member Observer State in the United Nations.

The British Minister stressed that his country will continue to exert efforts, alongside its European partners, to achieve peace in the Middle East, Palestine News Agency reported.

He pointed out Britain’s constant stance condemning the Israeli settlements on the occupied Palestinian lands, including mainly the settlement projects around Al Quds city, which were announced recently by Israel.

The Palestinian President hailed the British stance, calling on the UK to work on ending settlement and to pressure Israel to call off the recently-announced projects, describing that as a red line.

He also demanded to pressure Israel to release the confiscated Palestinian taxes money.

( / 21.12.2012)

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