Report: 4600 Prisoners in Israeli Jails including 182 Children, 184 Administrative Detainees



On Wednesday 19th December, a report prepared by Palestinian researcher in the field of prisoners’ affairs, Abdul Nasser Farawna, revealed that Israeli authorities detain 4600 in its detention centers and jails, from all social classes and segments of Palestinian society.

He revealed that around 83% of prisoners are from the West Bank, 10% from the Gaza Strip and the rest are from Jerusalem, distributed to about 17 prisons and detention centers.

He also revealed that among the prisoners, there are 182 children less than18 years, 11 female prisoners, 184 administrative detainees who were arrested without charge or trial, 13 elected deputies, and 3 former ministers, and several academic and political leaders.

Farawna noted that among prisoners, there are 1200 suffer from different diseases due to medical negligence; 20 out of them are in Ramleh Medical Centre, 18 have serious and dangerous diseases like heart diseases, kidney problems and cancer, while 85 prisoners have physical or mental disabilities.

531 prisoners had been issued life imprisonments for once or for many times.

Farawna said that among prisoners, there are a long-term hunger strikers protesting against their administrative detention without a trial or charge such as Ayman Sharawneh, who is on hunger strike for 172 days, Samer al-Issawi, who is on strike for 142 days, and four others are on strike for almost a month.

Farawna called on the human rights institutions to immediately intervene to save the lives of the striking prisoners and stand in solidarity with prisoners against the criminal escalation practiced by the Israel’s Prisons Service (IPS) against them.

( / 19.12.2012)

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