PA economy ministry meets private sector over crisis

The PA Economy Ministry met with private sector representatives on Saturday amid demonstrations against the rising cost of living.

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority Ministry of Economy met with private sector representatives on Saturday to discuss solutions to the financial crisis, a PA official said.

PA Economy Minister Jawad Naji said that the meeting discussed the notion of better coordination between the public and private sectors in order to address the economic crisis.

The PA has been contacting donor countries to ensure they fulfill their financial commitments to the Palestinian people, he added.

Palestinians have taken to the streets in mass demonstrations against price rises and unemployment, and protesters in cities across the West Bank have called for Fayyad’s resignation.

After a day of protests on Tuesday, the Palestinian Authority cabinet asked a special economic committee to study a government memo prepared by the Ministry of National Economy about the rising cost of living in the occupied territories.

The committee was instructed to recommend measures to cope with the economic situation within two days.

( / 08.09.2012)

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