Palestinians protest village road closure by Israeli troops

Palestinians in the northern West Bank village of Kufr Qaddoum have protested the recent closure of the village’s main road by Israeli forces, Press TV reports.

The villagers staged a protest rally late on Friday, demanding an end to the confiscation of their lands as well as regular night-time raids and searches of their homes by the occupation forces.

“The villagers of Kufur Qaddoum have come out to demand reopening of the main road, which is also main entrance of the village, which was closed by the Israeli army,” Khaldoun Abu Khaled, an organizer of the rally, told Press TV.

Israeli troops fired tear gas and used water cannon to disperse Palestinian protesters before they could reach the blocked road.

Several protesters were injured after the Israeli forces attacked the peaceful demonstration.

The closure of the Kufur Qaddoum road, located between the Palestinian cities of Nablus and Qalqilia, forces Palestinians to travel about 12 kilometers on a different route in order to reach the same destination.

Israeli authorities constructed a roadblock at the end of the road to prevent the villagers from passing through the illegal settlements built on seized Palestinian lands.

( / 24.03.2012)

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