‘US, UN utterly ignore grievances of Palestinians’

A Palestinian journalist says the United States and the United Nations ignore the grievances of Palestinians regarding the Israeli treatment of prisoners, Press TV reports.

“Unfortunately the United States and the United Nations… utterly ignore the grievances of Palestinians,” said Khalid Amayreh, a Palestinian journalist based in the city of al-Khalil, southern West Bank.

Amayreh made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Sunday.

“Israel is treated as a special case by the international order,” the Palestinian journalist added.

Amayreh’s comments come as Palestinian activists said on Sunday the health of female prisoner Hana Shalabi who has been held in an Israeli jail since February 16 is deteriorating. Shalabi has reportedly been on a hunger strike since her detention.

The 29-year-old female Palestinian prisoner has been under “administrative detention” and her lawyer says she has been placed in “solitary confinement as punishment for the hunger strike.”

Shalabi is one of the detainees re-arrested by Israeli forces over the past few weeks. The detainees were freed from Israeli jails in October and December of last year under a deal mediated by Egypt to free 1,027 Palestinian inmates in exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

“As long as the present international order, which is controlled by the United States, continues, there is no realistic hope for a dramatic transformation in the international morality,” Amayreh concluded.

(www.presstv.ir / 19.03.2012)

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