In solidarity with ICAI2 and it’s tireless admins we issue an  ACTION ALERT

Facebook Page ICAI2 reports latest news from Palestine and facts mostly not even published by media as well as many updates live from the ground from Palestine.

They strive to empower the Palestinian people and their cause, particularly that of nonviolent resistance to occupation and an incredible source of photography and resources.

Yesterday hateposts were posted on the page, inciting the page will be downed. This happens on Facebook mostly by the reporting tactics of hasbara recruits, which even get paid 92$ an hour (2000$ a month for spreading 5 hours of lies a week) and more. You can read about that in the storify story “Israel’s Web War Declaration”

Reporting is the tactic of the buttons. Israel does not like truth. It does not matter. Buttons do to mute.

Posts like depicted below were posted on the wall of the page:

Because hasbara has no facts but only lies, they only offend.Israel and it’s recruits  shout and shoot but never the truth.

Lately the page of Izzat Resheq was downed and other Palestinian politicians , previously also of famous football player Marcelo Vieira de Silva Junior and of course of many online activists in solidarit with or from Palestine as well. Facebook seems to bother more about the number of reports than about the necessity of content for humanity, so we issue this:


Go and Like Facebook Page ICAI2 and spread this appeal, share their request on your page and ask your friends to do the same.

Click to go to ICAI2

(occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com / 17.03.2012)

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