Baroness Jenny Tonge

Freedom of speech? Here in the UK? Really? Not for Baroness Jenny Tonge. The ultimatum presented to her by the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was to retract her statement or resign.

In a recent debate in Middlesex University, in which the topic being discussed was whether Zionism equated to Apartheid, Barones Tonge said, “Israel is not going to be there forever in its present form. One day, the United States of America will get sick of giving 70 billion a year to Israel to support what I call America’s aircraft carrier in the Middle East, that is Israel. One day the American people are going to say to the Israeli lobby in the USA, enough is enough. Israel will lose support and then they will reap what they have sown”.

Is this statement really anti-Semitic or was Baroness Tonge just attacking a country whose policies she didn’t agree with? She did not call for the destruction of the state. She merely stated that Israel would not continue in its present form. Israel is a country which has occupied another state for a number of decades, killed their women and children and still have a number of Palestinians in their prisons without trial or charge. Their crime is only that they are Palestinian and they will not give up their land to the oppressive regime.

Activist Ken O’Keefe, US Ex Marine who was also present at the debate in Middlesex University said, “I hope that she has no regrets, I hope that she sees what she said as an honour statement, a valid statement. As we sit hear perched on the verge of World War III and potential Nuclear annihilation, people must speak the truth, no matter what are consequences are. I don’t know what she thinks personally, it’s I think a badge of honour because she said the truth and if she’s punished for that then so be it.”

Baroness Tonge was punished for using her freedom of speech to speak for the people of Palestine and she was forced to leave the Liberal Democrat Party.

Labour leader, Ed Milliband has said ‘that there is no space in British politics for questioning the existence of Israel’. Many Ministers echoed his rhetoric. Why is there never this outcry when Palestinians are being murdered? Their land has been stolen and many Palestinians have been living as refugees for decades and no Member of Parliament even dares to speak out on behalf of them.

Why is this happening? The Zionist lobby and the Friends of Israel is currently stronger than the 2 million Muslims here in the United Kingdom. How many Zionists or members of the Friends of Israel are there? I highly doubt that their numbers are anywhere near the 2 million mark. The reason why they are stronger than us is because they are more determined than us, even though it is a religious duty for us to defend our Muslim brothers and sisters. The Zionists are more focused and more united. While we focus too much on issues that divide the Ummah, the Zionists never lose sight of their goals, which are the stability of Israel and the destruction of anything that gets in the way.

This needs to change. The Muslims must take action to make this change. InshaAllah our Ummah will get out of the slumber that we are in soon. You need to make this happen, for the children of Palestine, their future depends on you and the choices you make. We all remember the horrific images of Operation Cast Lead which the Israeli Soldiers killed over 300 children in the space of just 22 days in December 2008. Israel gets away with murder and we need to make them stop and hold them accountable for their evil crimes.

Write to the Liberal Democrat leader. Let him know that you are totally disgusted by his latest decision. Let him know that as a Muslim, you are against all kinds of racism, including anti Semitism. However speaking against a country which has policies that are despicable to you is freedom of speech. Just like speaking against the Conservative Party does not make you anti-British.

We must also thank Baroness Tonge for speaking up for the Palestinian and sacrificing her position within the Liberal Democrat Party. Please contact her here. She certainly has rightly claimed a badge of honour.

Please don’t forget and write now.

( / 09.03.2012)

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