Five Killed as the Israeli Military Bombardment of Gaza Continues

A total Five Palestinian men were reported killed on Friday by Israeli jetfighters conducted a number of attacks targeting the Gaza Strip. Sources in Gaza say Israeli tanks are still shelling parts of Gaza city.

Israeli fighters over Gaza

The latest air raid was on Friday night targeting eastern Gaza Strip left Hazim Quraqee dead. Quraqee is a fighter with the Islamic jihad as well.

The attacks started on Friday afternoon as Israeli jetfighters targeted a Palestinian car east of Gaza City. The attack left Mohamed Hanni and Zuhier Al Qayissi dead. Al Qayissi is the general secretary of the Popular Resistance Committees based in Gaza.

Later on Friday evening, Aobed al Ghribawi and Mohamed Harrara were killed during Israeli bombing targeting the eastern part of the Gaza Strip. Both are fighters with the Islamic Jihad group in Gaza.

In response Palestinian groups fired home-made rockets at Israeli towns near the Gaza borders. Israeli sources reported no injuries but the army advised residents go to shelters.

Abu Mojahid, from the Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza, said that his group will avenge the killing of Al Qayissi and his comrades. Abu Mojahid considered the calm agreement is over.

Palestinian groups in Gaza agreed on a “calm period” after the 18 days long military attack on Gaza in 2009.

Gaza based Journalist, Rami Al Meghari, contributed to this article

( / 09.03.2012)

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