BREAKING: Obama: ‘We have a window of opportunity’ with Iran

(CNN) – “We have a window of opportunity” in which Iran’s nuclear situation can be resolved diplomatically, President Barack Obama said Tuesday in his first formal news conference since last year.

“It is deeply in everybody’s interest – the U.S., Israel and the world – to see if (the Iranian nuclear situation) can be resolved in a peaceful fashion,” Obama added.

Asked to elaborate on his Monday statement that the United States “will always have Israel’s back,” Obama said, “historically, we have always cooperated with Israel with respect to the defense of Israel, just like we do with a whole range of other allies … It was not a military doctrine that we were laying out for any particular military action.”

As for the ongoing unrest in Syria, the U.S. taking unilateral military action in response to the situation, “or to think that somehow, there is some simple solution, I think is a mistake,” the president said.

The inadvertent burning of Qurans at Afghanistan’s Bagram Air Field, and the violent protests that followed, “concern me,” Obama said. “I think that it is an indication of the challenges in that environment, and it’s an indication that now is the time for us to transition (power to the Afghans).”

( / 06.03.2012)

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