Hamas deputy: Political operations out of Damascus

Mousa Abu Marzouq (File)
BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Speaking from Cairo, the deputy head of Hamas’ politburo said Thursday that Hamas’ offices would remain in Syria despite the relocation of all political and media activities out of Damascus.

The violent crackdown on protests by Syria security forces have prompted Hamas to review its headquarters in Syria, and the movement’s leaders-in-exile have steadily moved out of the country.

Hamas insists its official position has not changed, but in an interview with Arabic satellite channel Al-Arabiya, Mousa Abu Marzouq said Hamas operations had left Damascus due to the situation in the country.

Abu Marzouq and his family moved to the Egyptian capital several months ago, and a week ago the Gaza-based Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh publicly applauded the revolutionaries in Syria in a speech in Cairo.

Marzouq, who had been slated as a potential candidate to replace Khalid Mashaal to head the party, insisted that Hamas has its “own point of view.”

Hamas is a liberation movement, the party deputy stressed, in an apparent move to separate the move out of Damascus from international policy towards Syria.

He accused US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton of standing for her interests only, and failing to care about the victims of the conflict.

Clinton falsely accuses Hamas of having links to Al-Qaida, Abu Marzouq said, adding that the party is entirely opposed to bloodshed.

(maannews.net / 02.03.2012)

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