News from Syria 01.03.2012

It does not matter if the thug’s army is back in #BabAmro,he is losing#Syria slowly but surely and in spite of his supporters. #SyriaBleeds

@ArabSpringFF didn’t you know? Conspirators have supernatural abilities because they all work for Israel and Israel’s like the world’s boss

Dear @JavierEsponisa SANA (Syrian national news agency) just declared they found your “body” in #BabaAmr and will send u back 2 Spain ASAP!

many people helped to evacuated 2 french journalists but 1 will never claim his key role: Abu Janin, Bab al Amar media officer #Homs#Syria

The regime says they found the body of Espinosa, who is tweeting right now safe is Lebanon. It must be wierd reading about your fake death

my respect for all the citizen journalists of Bab al Amr I never saw “journalists” so brave #Homs #Syria

Very, very significant that Russia and China backed a statement demanding Syria allow ‘immed/unconditional’ access

#Aleppo: sec forces shoot heavily the area of Mayser along with a camping of raids and arrests in the area

#Aleppo: More than 50 cars of the sec forces storm the area of Maysar sec forces carry out a campaign of raids of homes and arrests

: 31 ّ #Damascus: sec forces arrested Issam Rifai 31 his wife and his mother-in-law at one of the checkpoints in Dummar

Despite our retreat from #Homs we will never stop our revolution. We will never go back and #Assad will be toppled. #Syria #SyriaBleeds

We Tweeted: #Syria n free army #SFA should launch attacks against all artillery positions around #Homs#Syria 11:23 AM – 29 Feb 12 via web

Al Qaeda, pls explain to me what you will say in judgement day. “I blew up a bus full off innocents for no reason, please send me to heaven”

Dear Al Qaeda, kindly fuck off. No one wants your shit “tactics” that involve killing innocent civilians. Burn in hell. Thanks

We believe there was a chance for the #FSA to withstand the assault of the thug’s army in #Homs. We need military leadership. #Syria

We not only need political leadership for #Syria n opposition but military leadership also. #SyriaBleeds

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