Global March to Jerusalem: building support for the campaign

 Global March to jerusalem
The March to Jerusalem starts today! The Global March to Jerusalem is on March 30th. Help us build the campaign to prevent the destruction of Palestinian life and culture in Jerusalem.
Since the occupation of Jerusalem, Israeli authorities have revoked the residency rights of 14,561 Palestinians. Jerusalem’s Mayor has declared that Palestinians living outside of the wall will be transferred to the West Bank civil administration resulting in a further 70,000 individuals being effectively barred from the city.
Meanwhile, Israel is planning to demolish homes in Silwan neighbourhood – evicting over 1,000 Palestinian residents – the biggest mass demolition planned since 1967.
What you can do: 
  1. Sign our petition  to put pressure on the UK Government to take action over Israel’s ethnic cleansing and settlements in East Jerusalem. This petition will be handed in to Downing Street on 30th March
  2.  Lobby your MP to sign the EDM on the status of Jerusalem.
  3.  Join us on the 30th March for a rally outside the Israeli Embassy!

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