Investigate Israel’s Misuse of U.S. Supplied Tear-Gas


Weekly Demonstration in Bil'in
Above: Palestinian demonstrators in Bi’lin marching against Israeli land confiscation.

Your phone calls, emails, and letters to Members of Congress will help us hold Israel accountable for gross human rights violations committed with U.S.-supplied weapons.  Below are some talking points to use during your phone call with Members of Congress, and when educating people in your community about this issue.
Talking Points

1.  Hold Israel accountable for its misuse of U.S.-supplied high-velocity tear-gas canisters along with Egypt and Bahrain in the State Department’s upcoming report to Congress on tear gas.  Israel should be held to the same standard as all other countries. Don’t single Israel out and thereby facilitate more human rights abuses by exempting  the Israeli military.

2.  The pattern of abuses by the Israeli military  against civilians and non-violent demonstrators will continue unless it is held accountable by the supplier of the weapons in question.

3.  The Israeli military has repeatedly fired high-velocity tear gas canisters directly at protesters in violation of the military’s own rules of engagement.  By using these weapons to deliberately target civilians with disproportionate force, causing grave injuries and deaths, the Israeli military is violating both U.S. and international laws to commit human rights abuses with these tear gas canisters.

4.  For the United States to be a credible advocate for human rights, freedom, and equality, we need to back our words with action, and ensure that U.S.-supplied weapons are not being used against non-violent civil rights activists.

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