News from Syria 27.02.2012

Alepoo: Azaz: The FSA have taken over the criminal security branch and the main street in the city

#Daraa: Domain: Intense gunfire near Qayta’a checkpoint and inside the town The authorities cut the internet off the town entirely

#Homs: Qosair: A military vehicle of the regime’s army is opening random fire near the northern entrance to the city

Protest in the Palestine Camp in Damascus

My dads 2 cousins have been shot dead as they slept, one was over 70. #Jobar #Syria #Homs

Mubarak also used to do the “just below 90%” trick when he wanted the elections to look “free and democratic”

Bread and flour ran out in Baba Amr 8 days ago. Think about that when you enjoy a meal

When the death toll went above 150, there was an intl. condemnation and embassies were stormed worldwide. Below that no. and no one cares

Assad is tweaking with the maximum daily death toll. There is always international outrage when it exceeds 150, but never when it is below

Deir Ezzor activists have launched an opposition satellite channel yesterday, and were also the first to start a radio station

Homs#Bba Amr AT LEAST 62 men were killed and their wives and children taken while trying to flee the besieged…

#DeirEzzor: Qourieh: Regime forces open live fire on peaceful protesters in the city

#Aleppo: Andan: Mr Adnan Abu Ghafour was killed due to the shelling by the sec forces in the city

#Aleppo: Aazaz: Alaa Shawki Al-Shash was killed by helicopter bombing in the city

132 dead in Syria. 96 in Homs, 16 in Idlib, 10 in Aleppo, 4 in Damascus, 4 in Hama, 1 each in Daraa and Hakaseh. #Syria

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