Palestinian official praises Qatar’s support

Mohamed Ashtayyah


Member of the Fatah Central Committee Mohamed Ashtayyah has praised Qatar’s firm support for the Palestinian cause and Jerusalem thanks to the leadership of HH the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani.
In a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) he gave on the sidelines of the Club de Monaco meeting, which concluded here yesterday, Ashtayyah said the State of Qatar is keen to support the Palestinians’ legitimate rights and all issues of the region.
He stressed the need to adhere to the implementation of the reconciliation agreement, signed here recently under the auspices of the State of Qatar, saying it represents an important step towards the implementation of the reconciliation’s goal.
In this regard, Dr Ashtayyah pointed to great keenness shown by President Mahmoud Abbas with respect to the full implement of this agreement.
The Palestinian official, meanwhile, hailed the significant role played by the Qatari leadership in overcoming all difficulties especially with regard to the formation of a national unity government, stressing that the two major factions, Fatah and Hamas have agreed to the inauguration of President Mahmoud Abbas as prime minister.
“Therefore there are no more obstacles hampering the completion of the reconciliation with all its entitlements,” Dr Ashtayyah said.
He referred in this regard to the meeting, held in Cairo two days ago between all the Palestinian factions in the presence of President Abbas, where talks dealt with starting the implementation of a number of special points of the reconciliation agreement.
Dr Ashtayyah thanked the State of Qatar for participating in the reconstruction of Gaza and the assistance it provided for the establishment of new projects in the city of Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank in areas of development, construction and reconstruction.

( / 25.02.2012)

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