Russian Israelies want to leave Palestine

Picture: Not much of a future.

The Best Solution For Palestine!

Respected ministers and leaders of Muslim nations,

God is One, though the religions are different! May the peace prevail on the whole earth, may the Lord always be with you!

We are citizens of Israel, yesterday’s immigrants from the ex-USSR. When we moved to Israel, we dreamed to secure a safe future for us and for our children; we wanted a normal and decent life. We grew up on the ideals of patriotism; we educated our children to be loyal to Israel, which supposed to be their home. We thought that the Israeli government would use the first opportunity to achieve lasting peace with the neighbors. We thought we shall be treated as equals in the land of our forefathers.


Apparently we were too optimistic. We remain second-sort citizens. Israeli government does not strive to achieve peace but unleashes aggressive wars. Israeli elite are buying the property overseas, their children study abroad. They are ready to leave Israel any time, that’s why they have created “fallback positions” in the West. But ordinary people would be left to the merсу of fate.

Dear leaders,

please help us to establish a program aimed to assist the Israeli citizens who are willing to relocate to another country. Help with the funds on the initial stage, help by rendering the permanent residency status in the countries of their choice. We shall move and find for ourselves and our children a new home, where we shall be equal citizens.

And there will be peace on the Holy Land, the land tired from wars and quarrels!

Russophone center of information and culture in Israel (RCIC)

Chairman of RCIC – Mr. Georgy Berenzon.
Deputy Chairman of RCIC – Mr. Valery Novoselsky.

Since the autumn of 2009 “Russophone center of information and culture in Israel” (RCIC) is the member of The International Council of Russian Compatriots (MSRS), international non-governmental organization, which unites 140 organizations of compatriots in 54 countries.

( / 23.02.2012)

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