News from Syria 22.02.2012

Aleppo: Fierce clashes between the FSA and the regime army in Mengh military airport after the town of Azaz was shelled this morning

Among 100s injured in #BabaAmr of #Homs 2day a French journo in critical condition&an American in okay No1 has been treated so far#Syria

protesters in Daria, Damascus hold a sign “why can’t a Christian woman become president of #Syria?” in reference to proposed Constitution

#Arbeen #Damascus #Syria – 22nd feb 2012 anti government demonstration this evening in the Qodsaya area of Damascus

#BackWhenIwasaKid I watched my dad and all my uncles live very far away from there own country in fear of reprisals #SyriaOnMyMind

The resilience and determination of the Syrian revolutionaries will never be forgotten. So fucking proud to be a Syrian #Justice4Syria

Takes a human being with a beating pulse to know the cries in Syria are the cries of the oppressed all over the world #Justice4Syria

#IStandWithSyria not because I am Syrian but because I am human

BREAKING: Very, very strong and loud explosion in New Aleppo for an unknown reason

When Assad Won — the differences and similarities between Syria’s modern-day revolt, and the guerilla war in the ’80s

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