Jobs needed in Palestine, help the Union for young people

On the one hand, the number of universities and colleges in the Gaza strip has increased, as well the number of college graduates, but on the other hand the complete siege by Israel  – human as well as economic – has led to a huge number of unemployed young people. Looking at the figures of the Central Bureau of Statistics, the employment rate of the first quarter of 2010 among college graduates in the Gaza Strip was 45.5%. Looking at the figures between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, we see great differences.

The employment rate for the group 20 – 24 years was for the complete Palestinian territories 43.4%, for the West Bank 35.1% en for the Gaza Strip 58.5%. For the group between 15 and 19 years the different rates were 38.4% , 30.5% and 61.6% and for the group of 25 until 39 years  the figures were 32.2%, 25.2% and 44.9%. The overall conclusion has to be that there is no work for the young people in the Palestinian territories, especial in the Gaza Strip, as a result of the years of siege.
Young people have to have the possibility to get something out of their lives, get a good job and start a family. The job market is changing to a demand-oriented trade, agriculture, engineering, technical and professional disciplines.

Important on this time is to have an Union, what  is going to create the opportunities for the young people. To do this, it is important to map the difference between education and the labor market; to develop training programs for the youngsters so that they are able to respond to the questions of the market; to create a national database on questions of labor and the available young people and job seekers (included an official website) and to open and to maintain the continuation of the tripartite dialogue between the government, employers and the representatives of the working people.

For the idea as above is described, a group of young people has started an Union who defend the rights of young workers and young unemployed people of Palestine. In the documents of the Union for young people is written what kind of ideas, plans there are for the coming years, but important is the assistance and support of financial injections and advice of Union workers, all of the world.
In the last weeks the contact persons in Palestine and the Netherlands have been looking for financial support  in Arabic countries and for advice of the FNV Mondiaal in the Netherlands. In the meantime if organizations want to support this excellent initiative, it is possible to contact the contact persons in Palestine (Mohammed Lubbad) or in the Netherlands  (Henny  Kreeft) .

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