Formation of the GMJ national committee in Gaza

Dr. Ahmed Abu Halbiya, the head of the GMJ national committee in Gaza has announced the formation of this committee that includes many personalities and representatives of different Palestinian fractions, as well as representatives from trade unions, civil organisations , student and youth movements of various political background. He pointed out that the National Committee would organise the Global March to Jerusalem activities taking place in the provinces of Gaza on the 30th of March coincide with the 36thanniversary of “Land Day”.

Dr. Abu Halabiya said that there will be activities carried out by the National Committee in the provinces of Gaza throughout the month of March in preparation for the Global March to Gaza and to show the rejection to the policy of Judaisation which the Israeli occupation continues to practice against the occupied city of Jerusalem. He added that the details of these activities will be announced later on. He also confirmed that the aim of the GMJ is to demand freedom for Palestine and its capital Jerusalem.

The spokesman of the committee Majid Alzubda confirmed that the march to take place in Gaza is part of  the Global March to Jerusalem which will mobilise hundred of thousands demanding freedom for Jerusalem across the five continents and from amongst more than twenty different countries. The march will be launched simultaneously from several locations from inside and outside Palestine. He also called upon all spectrum of the Palestinian people to participate in this march to support the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Gaza, 19-02-2012

( / 21.02.2012)

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