Below is a message of encouragement Basil Mansour’s Resistance Committee of Bil’in, including a picture of Carlos Latuff’s mission to “Welcome to Palestine”. A big thank you to both!

Dear friends who prepare the initiative “Welcome to Palestine”,

We sincerely thank you for your solidarity with our struggle for human rights and against injustice of the Israeli occupation of a people without defense against the theft of its land, its water resources in the face of colonization rampant illegal, and the apartheid wall.

We are all human beings and we must be united, Muslims, Christians, Jews, whites and blacks, Arabs and international against the enemies of peace, love, life, the enemies of humanism to stop this disgusting occupation.

We believe in freedom and a just peace and we are convinced that together we can end this suffering.

We saw the group EuroPalestine at work and we have full confidence. You spent with us here, moments that we have not forgotten, but we know that the Israeli occupation has prevented many of you to come or return.

However, we invite you to come visit us again, not to discourage you.

Welcome to Bil’in! Welcome to “Welcome to Palestine!”

(www.europalestine.com / 15.02.2012)

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