News from Syria 15.02.2012

#Qudseya #Damascus #Syria – 15th feb 2012 anti government demonstration went out this evening in the Qudseya area…

Takbir campaign in Damascus tonight is one of the loudest ever. New neighbourhoods joined the campaign tonight.

a number of syrians could possibly face deportation from Cyprus to Syria for taking part in the embassy raid last week #Syria #Cyprus

Wounded man says tried 2 get 3 kids and wife out but govt troops refused 2 let them through checkpoints #homs #syria

2 Docs at clinic in baba amr – one was internal medicine specialist, the other dentist. They were not trained for this, no one was they say

One of youtube video shooters at clinic can’t speak, head wound, traces tank on wall w/finger 2 tell us what happened #homs #syria

“there is no value 2 life” says patient in baba amr clinic. Leg will have 2 B cut off if can’t get out, wound rotting. Dr in tears listening

shelling so intense earlier building shook, glass shattered, 9yro girl burst into tears, nothing 2 comfort her #homs & #syria

Been in #homs 4 less than a day, don’t know what 2 say, already witnessed enough 2 write a novel of despair #syria

#Zakiyah #Damascus #Syria – 15th feb 2012 anti government demonstration took place this evening in the Zakiyah…

How to write a new constitution:First,u hold a constitutional assembly& debate text.Oh wait,first you stop shelling 7of your cities. #Syria

BUSTED Pro-regime TV showing “calm” Damascus outskirts but grafiti reads: Down With Assad

Addounia’s faked interview in Baba Amr (with coastal accents). Man tries to cover an Assad soldier’s camo jacket

#Daraa Da’el Intensive shooting by heavy weapons in the city from checkpoints of Al-Hassan mosque and municipality

#DeirEzzor AlMayadeen sec forces went on wide arrests today in the city

The 8200th death in Syria. Farouk Aissi, who was killed in Qubani in Aleppo. R.I.P.

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