News from Syria 14.02.2012

#BreakingNews: The General Assembly of the United Nations will vote on a resolution for #Syria tomorrow: AFP

#Syria is under Assad shelling n #Hama #Homs #Idlib#DamascusSuburb #Daraa #DierEzzor !!!

AFP: The UN General Assembly will vote on Thursday regarding Syria. #UNGA #Syria

Les forces syriennes lancent une offensive contre la ville de #Hamaselon Reuters #Syrie

Reuters – Bashar al-Assad’s forces launched an offensive on the city of #Hama #Syria

#MaaratMasren #Idlib #Syria – 14th feb 2012 anti government demonstration took place ths evening in the Maarat..

Today’s defection round-up is massive, so it will be in more than one part

I remember when one or two soldiers would defect at a time, mainly young, inexperienced soldiers. Now officers defect every day

There are so many defections these days that I’m tired of watching the videos. I used to wait eagerly for defections months ago

The defection of a high ranking officer Brigadier General the director of the airforce technical school

A Brigadier General has just defected and joined the FSA

#Idlib Kafr Roma Intense gunfire from all checkpoints that are spread throughout the town targetting houses and passers-by

The regime cannot trust all of their army any more and are worried of heavy losses, so they just shell towns from a distance. Cowards

So many group defections in the past few weeks. General Sheikh said that the army will break down in February, let’s hope he’s right

#DeirEzzor #Syria – 14th feb 2012 anti government demonstration kicked off this evening in Deir Ezzo

Syria is on fire today. Major clashes, shelling, deaths and massive defections all over the country

#Zaradna #Idlib #Syria – 14th feb 2012 anti government rally this evening in the Zaradna area of Idlib

The pick-up truck carrying humanitarian aid to Baba Amr that was targeted by Assad forces last night

#Idlib Jabal Zawiya Mohammed Ma’ary (from Maraayan) was killed as a result of random gunfire by sec forces near Ihsam

#Armanaz #Idlib #Syria – 14th feb 2012 anti government demonstration took place this afternoon in the Armanaz


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