Two US women activists deported on charges of aiding Bahraini anti-government protesters

The Bahraini regime has deported two US women on charges of aiding anti-government protesters after arresting them during a demonstration in Manama.
A statement from Bahraini officials issued on Saturday, shortly after the deportations, accused the women of violating tourist visa rules by joining the protests “in order to report on them” for websites and social media outlets.
The two women, identified by Bahraini authorities as Huwaida Arraf and Radhika Sainath, entered the Persian Gulf country on tourist visas.
The US Embassy in Manama said it was looking into the reports. Journalists and human rights observers need prior approval to enter Bahrain, but US tourists or business travelers can obtain a visa upon arrival.
The Bahraini regime has intensified security measures ahead of the February 14 anniversary of the beginning of the anti-government protests.

( / 13.02.2012)

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