Black Muslim Presidential Candidate Endorses United Progressives, Plans “Rebellion.”


Anisa Abd el Fattah, resident of Columbus, Ohio, and as yet an unoffically announced candidate for President of the U.S.  plans to wage a write-in campaign for the rest of the year hoping to raise important issues as a woman, a black and a Muslim.   She has endorsed the United Progressives platform with the following statement:
Upon reviewing the United Progressive’s platform, I realize that it accurately portrays my own principled positions on the issues, and I endorse the platform.”  She has almost fully incorporated our platform into her own campaign platform.

Her campaign, called the Anisa Rebellion, promises to be lively and follows the same ideological view of United Progressives in standing up to compromise.  Her version of non-profit universal health care is that it should not be government funded.  “We’ve got enough things to pay for.  The oil companies with their billions in profits every quarter ought to be paying for it.”   As an Independent, her main focus, she says will be on blocking NDAA and it’s provisions for indefinite detention.  She seems completely undaunted by concerns about her belief in Islam.  People will criticize me, but I’m glad to have an opportunity to speak out.” As a woman, a black, and a Muslim she carries the torch for three classes of human and civil rights and will undoubtedly attract a wide following among people who feel that they are among the disenfranchised.

Anisa Abd el Fattah is the founder and Chairwoman of the National Association of Muslim American Women. She is a former Executive director of the Center for Public Policy Research, a co-founder and former board member of CAIR, and served briefly as the President of UASR, the United Association for Studies and Research where she also served for five years as Director of Media Relations and Public Affairs. From 1996-2000, Anisa served as the Editor of the Middle East Affairs Journal , an internationally acclaimed academic and peer reviewed journal that served as a forum for academics as well as activists writing from an Islamic perspective on issues pertaining to Islamic reform movements in the Muslim and Arab worlds.

She is author of the book, Reflections on the Spiritual Meanings of the Islamic Revolution in Iran . In 1998 she conducted an in depth study of the Iranian Constitution, and authored a report on Social Order, Individual Rights and Islamic Constitutionalism based upon that research.

She co-authored the book, The Agent; Truth Behind the Anti-Muslim Campaign in America , and numerous occasional papers on Islam in the United States such as, Islam in America: A New Reading , and Justice and Normative Law: Underlying Keys to Christian/Muslim Cooperation in the US .

Her International Association for Muslim Women and Children, is an accredited NGO with the UN Habitat Conference, and also the UN Division on the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinians. Most recently, through the International Association for Muslim Women and Children, Anisa along with Ethiopian human and women’s rights activists established the Al-Falah project, an HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment project in Ethiopia. Anisa has been credited with developing the blueprint for what later became the American Muslim Council and served for nearly 10 years as an unofficial advisor. She was also a founding member of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). In 1996, she founded Muslim Women for America and initiated a national Muslim voter’s registration campaign. That same year she wrote, Islam and the Veiling of Women and co-authored The Agent: Truth Behind the Anti-Muslim Campaign in America .

In 1998, she served as director of community outreach for a senatorial candidate in northern Virginia. She has also served as the editor-in-chief of Al-Jathiya , the newsletter for the National Association of Muslim American Women. She has also published many op-eds in The Washington Times and The New York Times . Many of her articles and essays are archived at Media Monitors . In 1998, she attended the eleventh International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran and was one of only two women ever to address the international body of Muslim dignitaries and academicians gathered for the annual conference.

UASR, the United Association for Studies and Research, has been called by some the U.S. headquarters for Hamas, and Anisa has been the target of signficant hate speech in Central Ohio, but she has never been charged with any crime, and having Palestinian friends was never a crime in the U.S.  It has been her public position that Hamas has a right to defend itself from the theft of its land, the mass killing of its people, and it was the legitimately elected government of Gaza.

Anisa has asked the Director of United Progressives to act as her campaign manager.   He has accepted.   Paul Barrow will be taking a temporary leave of absence and has asked another member to assume his role in the organization.  An announcement will be made about that soon.

( / 13.02.2012)

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