Rights activists in Paris plan trip to occupied Palestine

Human rights activists from across Europe have gathered in France to make preliminary arrangements for a visit to the occupied Palestinian territories in April, Press TVreports.

The activists arrived in the French capital, Paris, on Saturday and they are planning to travel to Palestine to meet with civil society organizations.

Mick Napier, the chairman of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, told Press TV that every year Israel’s reputation “sinks even further” due to the crimes that the Tel Aviv regime commits and the opinion polls “confirm that this is continuing to happen.”

Last year, European airlines blacklisted most of the activists and denied them entry into the occupied Palestinian territories.

“If the airlines again try to prevent us from boarding, they will be saying that they are auxiliary guards for the Israeli siege of Palestine. That will be not a good position for them to be in, because that will leave them open to political and legal activities here in Europe,” Napier said.

Israeli authorities claim they must control every person coming into the occupied Palestinian territories for “security reasons.”

The latest humanitarian campaign on the occupied Palestinian territories comes days after a group of human rights activists participating in the Miles of Smiles aid convoy arrived in the besieged Gaza Strip on February 6.

On June 19, 2011, a European aid convoy with 53 pro-Palestinian activists and about 30 tons of medical supplies also traveled to Gaza via the Rafah crossing.

Israel remains in full control of the airspace, territorial waters and border crossings of Gaza. The Tel Aviv regime also continues its illegal settlement activities in the occupied West Bank.

(www.presstv.ir / 12.02.2012)

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