Syria Emergency Relief

Syria - Emergency Relief

A girl, wounded on Feb. 5 sits next to her mother in Baba Amro, a neighbourhood of Homs on Feb. 6. Syrian forces bombarded Homs, killing hundreds of people in a sustained assault.

The Syrian situation has escalated almost daily as the government responds to protestors with indiscriminate force and violence. The death toll has increased daily with many civilians, including women and children, being targeted and killed amidst the protests. More than 50,000 Syrians have fled to Turkey, Lebanon and other neighbouring countries over the last year.

Over ten thousand have been arrested for their participation in the demonstrations. The humanitarian situation in Syria went from bad to worse. Makeshift hospitals and poor emergency aid has lead to many being deprived from receiving adequate medical attention.

For months aid agencies have received worrying reports of violence against civilians in Syria, yet the International community still has not been granted full access to properly assess their humanitarian needs. We need access now, to provide aid and assistance wherever it is required.

We are particularly worried about the situation of children, young people, women, the elderly, the sick and wounded, and of people displaced by recent military operations, as well as by reports of arbitrary detentions. The injured and wounded must have access to medical treatment without fear of reprisals.

We need your support. Please help us support the cause and donate generously.

You can also donate via your mobile phone, Simply text HYBX74 to: 70070 and then your amount. e.g. £5.00.

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