News from Syria 10.02.2012

#Arbeen #Damascus #Syria – 10th feb 2012 sounds of clashes this evening between the Free Syrian Army and Assad…

SNN is reporting that the regime will begin a large-scale military operation in #Idleb in a few hrs cc @DASOS82

till now #Assad‘s army didn’t enter #BabaAmr area of #HomsOverland just randomly shelling from outside and Blockade and isolated it #Syria

I’m tweeting live from #Homs ,residences here talking about”trusted news” that #Assad‘s army will invade city with tanks this morning#Syria

Protesters are rescuing wounded people in Mazzeh, central Damascus. Gunfire by security can be heard

Pay attention to everything that goes on in Mezzeh. Why? It’s v. close to the Presidential Palace and Umayyad square

Hassakeh sec forces and Shabeeha stage a raid campaign of homes in Mufti area in search of activists

#Maysaloon #Aleppo #Syria – 10th feb 2012 a civilian being arrested by regime forces in the Maysaloon district

#Palmyra #Homs #Syria – 10th feb 2012 anti government demonstration kicked off this evening in the Palmyra area

#Mazzeh #Damascus #Syria – 10th feb 2012 a demonstrator being treated after he was injured by security forces

Stuart Ramsay – “The regime’s insistence that the attacks are carried out by armed foreign-backed insurgents is put simply…. nonsense”

#Maysaloon #Aleppo #Syria – 10th feb 2012 another video showing regime forces in plain clothes in the Maysaloon

Zo al Nourain battalion liberated the security forces HQ and raised the independence flag on top – (Bayadah, Homs)

A Note from Ambassador Ford. Worth reading

#Maysaloon #Aleppo #Syria – 10th feb 2012 video that shows a member of regime forces armed with a sword (on the…

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