European Observatory: Israel Targets Palestinian Think Tank

Gaza, (–European human rights organization expressed its deep concern about the Israeli occupation’s targeting of academics and Palestinian scientific elites.

A report by the Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights indicated to Israel’s impulsive detention campaigns against academics and lecturers at universities on a regular basis and without charge; most of them are subject to administrative detention.

It explained that “according to a field survey by an observatory group, it found that the occupation detained 41 Palestinian lecturers and academics; most of which received administrative detention including the lecturers at An-Najah University Youssef Abdel Haq, Omar Abdel Razek, professors of economics, Mohammed Ghazal, a professor of civil engineering, and Amin Abu Wardeh, professor of Political Science, and lecturers at Al-Quds Open University Adnan Abu Tbana and Nayef Abu Saud, among others.

Moreover, the Observatory documented cases of extortion practiced against a number of academics such as blackmailing them into intelligence cooperation for their release, or by threatening them of deportation, besides confiscating scientific researches they achieved throughout their administrative detention; for example, Professor Issam Ashkar had his seven theoretical researches in physics damaged by the Israeli prison authorities.

The testimonies given also show how the Israeli occupation deliberately degradingly treated the academics detained; to illustrate, they are exposed to humiliating naked and semi-naked inspection and restriction of the hands and legs, kicking feet, in addition to exposing them to inspection at the hands of young investigators and intelligence officers designed to hit their morale and dishonor them.

Executive Director of the Observatory Amani Sinwar added that the organization is in the process to spread the cause of targeting the Palestinian professionals world-wide and across UN Agencies, particularly the administrative detention based on secret accusations that are forbidden from mentioning to the prisoner or his legal advisor which indicates how the occupation with its detention of Palestinian elites is far from behaving on legal grounds, but aims to drain away the Palestinian community from think tank, and to disrupt Palestinian educational process.

( / 09.02.2012)

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