News from Gaza 07.02.2012

#KhaderAdnan is on hunger strike & bombs are dropping over#Gaza. Palestinians are #Dying2Live while the world remains silent

Watch some pictures of recent attackcrimes by #israel: Collective punishment on worlds largest open air prison

Reminder: #Gaza under attack while the world is asleep about the crimes, now anyone sits with wide open windows for own safety (in cold)

The night is getting started. Another explosion #Gaza

#BREAKING #GAZA | Several tweeps in Gaza reporting loud explosions details to follow

Dear ignorants: In case u brag about #Israel being the only#democracy in the region, please check out #KhaderAdnan‘s case who’s #Dying2Live

#Gaza everyone to join the hunger-strike that started by many in solidarity with #KhaderAdnan on Thursday be at 2pm at ICRC tent in Gaza! RT

Passing by ICRC tent in solidarity w #KhaderAdnan a friend expressed his sympathy. Me: He IS strong & We’re pathetic if u ask me #Dying2Live

Britain and United States condemn murder in #Syria but condone murder in #Palestine

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