News from Syria 04.02.2012

Resolutions don’t free people. Organizations don’t free people. The UN and NATO don’t free people. People free themselves

Ongoing bloodshed in #Syria

It is absolutely sickening watching them taking their sweet old time spewing BS while the killing continues! DO SOMETHING!

I bet #UNSC #China & #Russia called #Asad 2 assure him he is safe! I hope he doesnt see it as green light for worse massacres 2night :'(

#Damascus Qatana a second demo in the town in solidarity with #Homs and Daraya

US Ambassador to #Syria: A couple of members are steadfast in selling out the Syrian people

Free #Syria ns … This is a call to arms. The #Veto today sealed our fate. Armed struggle against #Assad and his murdering clan

@AsaWinstanley: Anyone calling for the UNSC to “take action” against human rights abuses anywhere is either naive, stupid or worse.”

L’ambassadeur français à l’ #ONU :” c’est un jour triste pour le Conseil de sécurité ” #Syrie

#Damascus Haran Al-Awameed Heavy deployment of sec forces accompanied by BRDM vehicles

BREAKING! Violent shelling from all directions at #Zabadani & #Mayada, military choppers are being used for the 1st time@JumanaJaber #Syria

#Russia and #China have vetoed a #UN Security Council resolution condemning the #Syrian gvts deadly crackdown on protests for the 2nd time

#Russia / #China : #Syria = #US : #Israel

No favorites. I condemn U.S. when it shields Bahrain & Israel from condemnation. I condemn China & Russia when it shields Assad. #Syria

Dear Syrian people only god & pro-Syrian revolution stand with U! Forget Arab govs & #UNSC ! We r praying 4 u,I wish we could do more #Syria

Did people actually expect the UN, who watched idly as war was waged on Iraq and a vicious massacre in Gaza, to help Syria? Pretty naïve!

Since when did the UNSC ever help the Arabs? In Gaza? In Baghdad? In Homs? West/Russia/China Self-interest only creates more bloodshed

======== #Alawites are not #Muslims ====== #Syria #SyriaBleeds

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