News from Syria 31.01.2012

#DeirEzzor Bo Kamal Intense shooting in the main street and the Liberty Square in the city

#Aleppo sec forces reinforced with huge numbers of thugs (Shabeha) are raiding the Fardos area

#Damascus Yabroud an evening demo in solidarity with Rankous and the besieged cities Participants called for the regime’s ouster

#Homs Qusair Several explosions were heard in the city followed by intense shooting

70 #Homs Al-Rastan Nedeem Shahoud ( 70 years old) was martyred he died of his wounds after he was injured by the sec forces

Destruction caused by Russian weaponry sold to Assad forces


#Damascus a demo started in Al-Afeef and was followed by a detention campaign in Al-Salhiyeh area (downtown #Damascus)

Raising the Kurdish and Independence flags on a bridge in central Aleppo

Important: Heavy security presence in Aleppo city. Shabeeha and army are roaming the city in pickup trucks

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