News from Syria 29.01.2012 III

Read this article about Samir Kassir. In the last part is says that Khalouf is known to interfere with Leb. elections

#MyRumor Reports #Assad to move to Lattakia in next hours, Alawite’s state to be announced within few days on #Syria|n coast #StopRumors

Biggest news out of Homs was the FSA in Rastan gaining control of most of the town, but there are still clashes there

Biggest news out of Idlib was the FSA gaining control of Kafranbel. This is my personal opinion. A lot of things happened in Idlib today

Biggest news out of Damascus was the deployment of the military into the main squares and streets of the city and increase sec

Biggest news out of Aleppo today is the march from the University that managed to reach Jamaliah this morning

If news of FSA controlling west Guta #Damascus it means Assad’s army is finished,b/c all their fuel is there. #Syria

Come on Syria FSA, show Bashar how it’s done! love from #libya #Syria

LCC: Today’s death toll in #Syria has now reached 64 so far. Of those 64 martyrs, 4 of the martyrs found were children

#Daraa Jassem Massive explosions are heard in the city followed by intense shooting

#DeirEzzor sec forces renew their gunfire in Hajaneh Street

#Daraa Kaheel death of a defected Lieutenant from #Homs after being ambushed by the sec forces in the town

#Hama Renewal of the artillery shelling of Qalaat Madeeq by the regime’s army leading to two houses being subject to direct shelling

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