News from Syria 29.01.2012 II

Al Jazeera mubasher is showing simulatenous streams from Aleppo, Homs and Damascus. Wonderful.

Massacre in Hama due to shelling by tanks

Big RT @bencnn: Free Syrian Army source tells CNN fighting around airport has disrupted flights into Damascus. #Syria

58 martyrs in #Syria today up until now including 3 children, 16 of the martyrs fell In Damascus suburbs

VDC Syria has recorded 7897 deaths in Syria so far

#Idlib Jarjnaz Thousands of people are paying respects for the martyr Amer Sabaan killd by sec forces bullets at Sarqab Bridge

#Hama Intense gunfire using heavy weapons at Tal Maghreed junction

#Hama An evening demo started from Karama area after Isha (evening) prayer Chants for toppling the regime and in solidarity of #Damascus

#Daraa Extensive security deployment in Mahatta area where fully-equipped security members occupy all the buildings in the area

#Damascus death of Ahmad Mahmoud Kheir Eddein and a young man from the Edrees family by sec forces’ gunfire in Jobar area today

#Daraa Basr Al-Hareer Violent clashes at the checkpoint to the North of the city as a result of defections in the army’s lines

#Hama Light bombs targeted Bab Qibli area and the residents are reporting the spread of sleeping gases

#Idlib Saraqeb Intense shooting from heavy machineries coming from the area where the regime’s thugs (Shabeha) are stationed

#Daraa Basr Al-Hareer Intense shooting from the regime’s checkpoints in the Northern part of the city

#Aleppo Marea A massive demo calling for toppling the regime and providing International Protection of the Syrian people

#Aleppo Ezaz A demo in Souran town chanting for toppling the regime and bringing it to justice

#Homs Wady Arab A young man was shot several times by the residents of the nearby pro-Assad areas

#Aleppo the regime’s agents have detained Ahmad Othman Biology Sciences student at #Aleppo university

#DeirEzzor death of Oqbah Hussein Al-Ali by sec forces and thugs (Shabeha)

(01-29-12) Bab Amr | #Homs | Assad Forces Shell Homes, Baby Pulled Out from Under Rubble

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